3.0 Gold Speaker Service

3.0 Gold Speaker Service

3.0 Gold Speaker is the installation of 3 owner furnished speakers. A SnappyMount technician will mount the speakers on the wall as well as hide the wires behind the drywall.  A mount is provided as well as all components being set up. The technician will run sound optimization. Patch work will be done to where the cut was made to run the wires behind the drywall however this does not include the sanding or painting of the cut made into the drywall. This does not include remote set up or any extra auxiliary or fiber cables.


  • Owner furnished speakers mounted on the wall
  • Mounting hardware for speakers
  • 16/2 Speaker wire
  • Patching of drywall that was cut to run wire
  • Component setup
  • Sound optimization of owner furnished speakers
  • Free 2 year extended warranty


  • Sanding or painting of drywall cut (not included)
  • Remote control set up (not included)
  • IR setup (not included)
  • Extra aux or fiber cables (not included)

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