Our savvy techs will get you up to speed on the right TV mounting hardware depending on the size of your TV and where you want to place it!

We offer different TV mounting services depending on 3 things:

The size of your TV
Your TV size will determine how many technicians will be needed to safely install your equipment. The size will also determine the appropriate mount needed to complete the job to your satisfaction.
Do you need a mount provided?
At Snappymount, we will install your owner furnished equipment (i.e. TV, TV mount, Versa Plates etc.) as long as you have the appropriate materials needed to complete the job. If you do not have the required materials, you can purchase our silver or gold packages, or you can purchase the proper equipment from our technicians when they arrive to your home.
Would you like to hide your connection wires behind drywall?
Hiding wires and cables behind drywall will leave your entertainment system looking flawless. Snappymount will need to cut your drywall in order to run the wires through it. To complete the finished look, you will need to hire someone to patch and paint or you can do it yourself.

Snappymount Recommends the following TV Brands:

TV mounting services
TV mounting services
TV mounting services