The installation and placement of visual and audio equipment to provide a unique home theater experience.

All of our products and services come with a two year warranty.

We offer different Home Theater services depending 3 things:

Are you having a projector installed?
We installed owner furnished projectors on ceiling only. If you do not have your own mount we can provide one for you. We base our options on whether or not you have power where the projector will be installed or not. If not this will require more work than the simpler option.
Will you be needing a screen set up?
Snappymount can installed both fixed and electrical screen. We charge the same rate for both. Nothing brings your theater together more than a nice screen to watch all your favorite shows and mpvies on!
Are you adding a sound system?
Having multiple speakers and a sub woofer installed will really boost the sound quality of your home theater! We can range from a 4.1 system to 7.1. Our snappy technicians will install your owner furnished equipment as well as the mounts your provide if you decide you want on wall speakers rather than in wall. Our options are based on having power where needed as well as if you want your wires hidden behind the drywall.