The number of speakers in your speaker installation services will determine the speaker placement and materials needed for our technicians to optimize the sound performance.

We offer different Speaker Installation Services depending on 3 things:

Do you have In-wall or on-wall speakers?
For in-wall speakers, we cut into your drywall to mount the speaker to a stud. This often requires that we run the wires behind the drywall. For on-wall speakers, or bookshelf speakers, we mount your speakers to the wall or we set the speakers on a stand. Mounts and stands must be provided by the client. 
How many speakers do you have?
The number of speakers you have determines their placement. We will come prepared with enough speaker wire and other hardware to set up a balanced system so you can feel like you’re at your favorite venue. Let us help you make the best of your equipment and space.
Do the wires need to be hidden?
You can choose to have exposed wires, wires hidden by a raceway (a white piece of plastic), or have your wires ran behind the drywall. If you choose to hide your wires behind the drywall, our snappy techs will cut the necessary holes to complete the job for a beautiful sounding and looking system. Our technicians do not patch or paint the holes.

Read about the speakers we offer below so you can find what fits your needs.

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