We provide snappy services for TV’s, speakers, and home theaters.


All of our services and products are covered by a 2-year warranty.

Our jobs are scheduled and completed in a snap by experienced technicians.

We complete the job even if you are missing materials as our vans are always stocked.

Customers count on us because we cut to the chase and provide fast quality work.

Take a look at some of the work we’ve done!

TV Mounting services example 1

Gold TV Mount & 3.0 Speaker Installation

In this picture, you see an example of before and after the installation of a Gold TV Mount and 3.0 speaker system. Once the products were installed, the TV and speakers were connected to streaming devices.

TV Mounting services example 2

Gold TV Mount & Soundbar Installation

The picture above is an example of the before and after installation of the Gold TV Mount and soundbar installation service. The gaming consoles were linked to the TV and soundbar in this example.

Speaker installation services example 1

Gold 2.0 Speaker Installation

This image shows the before and after of a Gold 2.0 speaker installation. The speaker wires are hidden behind the drywall and ran to the power source so the speakers will sound and look beautiful.