2.0 Bronze Speaker Service


Installation of 2 owner furnished speakers without hiding wires.

Left and Right speaker setup


2.0 Bronze Speaker Service

2.0 Bronze Speaker Service is the installation of 2 owner furnished speakers. Sound optimization is done with owner furnished equipment as well as the set up of speakers with components that wires are hooked up to. Neither a mount or raceway of any kind is provided therefore wires may be visible. Wires and cables are not provided either.


  • Installation of owner furnished equipment
  • Set up speakers with components that wires are hooked up to
  • Sound optimization of speakers with OFE


  • Speaker wire
  • Hiding of any speaker wire
  • Providing of any mounting equipment for speakers

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Additional products are not included but can be purchased from our technicians when they arrive to complete the installation service. We come prepared with a fully stocked van.


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