Silver Fireplace Mount Small


TV mounted over fireplace with cables hidden behind raceway.

For up to a 45″ TV


Silver Fireplace Mount Small

Silver Fireplace Mount Small is installation of a 45″ or smaller TV. Wires are hidden behind a provided raceway, nothing is hidden behind the drywall. A mount is also provided. This service is for drywall only, no brick, tile, or marble wall.


  • mount provided by Snappymount
  • TV installation on drywall or stone wall
  • Components set up with TV
  • 2x HDMI (10ft)
  • Hidden cables using Raceway
  • 2 year extended warranty


  • TV installation on tile or marble wall
  • Hiding cables and a TV power cord behind drywall
  • Sound system set up or speaker installation
  • Coax or power outlet relocation

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